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Environmental Tobacco Smoke   ETS

ETS and Your Health ETS Policies, Research, Reports

Environmental tobacco smoke - FAQ Sheet 

Environmental Health Center

  California Workplace Smoking Policy   

     State Labor Code (Section 6400-6413.5)

Tobacco Control Section - Fact Sheets

California DHS  

  California DHS Tobacco Control Section   

     A Model for Change

Tobacco & Cancer - Health Issues

American Cancer Society 

  Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program

     University of California Office of the President

Take the Smoke Free Home Pledge

Prometa no fumar en su hogar

  Tobacco Use Behavior Research Reports

     UCSD  - California Tobacco Survey (CTS)

Second Hand Smoke FAQs

American Lung Association  

  ACOEM Position Paper - Epidemiological Basis

     for Occupational and Environmental Policy on ETS

Secondhand Smoke

MedlinePlus,  the National Library of Medicine

  Tobacco Control Archives

     University of California at San Francisco

Humo del tabaco en el medio ambiente

MedlinePlus, la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina

  California Tobacco Contol Legislation (1891-2003)

     L.A. Public Health TCPP

Inhalacin pasiva de humo

MedlinePlus, la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina

  Smoke Free Movies

      UCSF Project -  Big Tobacco marketin


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