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California Interagency Working Group on Indoor Air Quality

Informal Group on School Studies on Environmental Health

Questionnaires & Checklists




California Portable Classrooms Study (CA PCS) - Phase I

    Teachers Qx

    Facility Managers' Qx    






Texas Elementary School Indoor Air Study (TESIAS)

    Staff Qx



Heschong-Mahone Group (H-M-G) - Daylighting in Schools Study



Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)

    astbay Childrens Respiratory Health Questionnaire (also available in )

    Survey of Indoor Environmental Quality & Related Classroom Characteristics 

            in California Schools (draft)


UCLA Portable Classroom Study

    Buildings & Grounds / Facilities Staff O&M Questionnaire


Fresno Asthmatic Children's Environment Study (FACES)



DHS-EHIB - Border Health Study


    Respiratory and Allergy Survey - Qx for Age 13-14 y


Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH)

    Survey of Reported Instances of Problems with Indoor Air Quality in Classrooms





Texas Elementary School Indoor Air Study (TESIAS)





Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Indoor Environments Dept.


LBNL-CEC Relocatable Classrooms Study


    Qualitative Assessment by Technician of Indoor Physical Environment

    Classroom Attendance and Temporary Absenteeism Spreadsheet





        (modified for OEHHA/LBNL East Bay Children's Respiratory Health Study)


UCLA Portable Classroom Study





U.S. EPA Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools Kit 

    (Go to TFS web site for PDFs or use links below for HTML version)

    Teacher's Classroom Checklist [8 pages]
    Administrative Staff Checklist [4 pages]

    Health Officer/School Nurse Checklist [3 pages]
    Ventilation Checklist and Log [16 pages]
    Building Maintenance Checklist [6 pages]
    Food Service Checklist [3 pages]
    Waste Management Checklist [2 pages]
    Renovation and Repairs Checklist [10 pages]
    Walkthrough Inspection Checklist [5 pages]


Children's Environmental Health Network

    Training Manual on Pediatric Environmental Health



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