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Indoor Air Quality Section
CDHS- Environmental Health Laboratory Branch

850 Marina Bay Parkway (G-365/EHLB), Richmond, CA 94804

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This list is provided by the California Department of Health Services (CDHS), Indoor Air Quality Section as a service to the public and to aid those who want to hire professional assistance in addressing IAQ problems.  The information presented in the list is "self-reported" by the listed firms, and its accuracy is not verified by the CDHS. Firms included on this list are in no way specifically endorsed or certified by the CDHS.

How to Use This List

    This list has been prepared to identify consultants that promote themselves as capable of providing indoor air quality diagnostic or mitigation services. It is aimed to assist individuals or organizations considering whether to contract with a firm for such services. The information provided should help you sort through the list and narrow your search to those firms with the services you need and which are located near you (this is less important for laboratories to which you plan only to mail samples). Before making your decision, make a short list of firms to contact and obtain the following information concerning the nature of their firm and the services they can perform. Having this information from more than one source will help you be certain that you are choosing the one that best suits your needs. Use these contacts to confirm whether you need to hire an IAQ professional.

Carefully describe the problem.
    Try to avoid presupposing what is causing the problem, emphasizing instead what the specific nature of the problem is. Start with a brief, concise description, since an initial contact will often forward you to someone else in the company, based on this information.

Find out what the firm can do and what it will charge.
    Some of these items are addressed in the list, but because the format is abbreviated, it is important to confirm that the information is relevant and accurate. Ask the following questions and others that you think are appropriate:

Be certain you are getting the services you need:

Check References and Complaints.
    Firms that have been in business for a long time and have a permanent address have a better chance of having developed a reputation that you can check out:

Check for Conflict of Interests.
    Be aware that firms that sell mitigation devices as their main business may have a conflict of interest; they may tend to gear their diagnoses and recommendations toward the use of their mitigation devices or services.

Obtain a written contract:

You can find further information on our web site:, including useful guidance from these sources:

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