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California Interagency Working Group on Indoor Air Quality

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About the CIWG-IAQ

The California Interagency Working Group on Indoor Air Quality (CIWG-IAQ) is an organization of representatives from State, Federal, local, and non-governmental agencies with IAQ oversight or interests. It was established in, under the mandate of Assembly Bill 3200 (Tanner), which directed the Department of Health Services to safeguard the public interest Aby a coordinated, coherent State effort to protect and enhance the indoor environmental quality in residences, public buildings, and offices in the state.@ The group continues to provide a unique forum for discussion, collaboration, and education on issues of indoor environmental quality, building engineering, and related health effects among the professionals working in the field. There are currently two active committees: Indoor Environmental Quality in Schools and Building Design & Operations. The CIWG-IAQ produces the California IAQ Assistance Directory. Meetings are quarterly, with special presentations on IAQ topics often incorporated.

Participating Agency Members (as of 12/98)

American Lung Association of Los Angeles County
American Lung Association of San Francisco & San Mateo Counties
Bay Area Air Quality Management District
California Department of Conservation
        --Division of Mines and Geology
California Department of Consumer Affairs
        --Home Furnishings & Thermal Insulation
California Department of Education
        --School Facilities Planning Division
California Department of General Services
        --Division of the State Architect
        --Environmental Health & Safety Services
        --Office of Buildings and Grounds
        --Office of Real Estate & Design
California Department of Health Services
        --Chronic Disease Control Branch
        --Environmental Health Investigations Branch
        --Environmental Health Laboratory Branch
                --Indoor Air Quality Section
        --Environmental Management Branch
        --Occupational Health Branch
        --Tobacco Control Section
        --Tuberculosis Control Branch
California Dept. of Housing & Comm. Development
        --Codes & Standards Division
California Department of Industrial Relations
        --Division of Occupational Safety &Health
California Department of Justice
        --Bureau of Forensic Services
California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)
California Energy Resources Conservation & Development Commission (CEC)
California Environmental Protection Agency
        --Air Resources Board
                --Indoor Air Quality/Personal Exposure Assessment Program
        --Department of Pesticide Regulation
                --Pesticide Enforcement Branch
                --Worker Health & Safety Branch
        --Department of Toxic Substances Control
                --Hazardous Materials Laboratory
        --Integrated Waste Management Board
        --Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment.
                --Air Toxicology & Epidemiology Section
                --Reproductive & Cancer Hazard Assessment Section
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
        --Indoor Environment Program
Riverside Co. Depart. of Environmental Health
San Bernardino Co. Superintendents of Schools Office
University of California at Berkeley
        --Environment Health & Safety
        --Labor Occupational Health Program
        --School of Architecture
        --School of Public Health
University of California at Davis
        --Biological & Agricultural Engineering
        --Occupational/Environmental Med. Clinic
University of California at Irvine
        --Occupational Health Center
University of California at San Francisco
        --Occupational Health Clinic
U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA Region IX
U.S. EPA, Region IX
        --Indoor Air Program

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