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September 9



Indoor Environmental Quality and Sustainability, Are They Compatible? By Hal Levin.

Hal Levin, a research architect in Santa Cruz, CA, gave an informative and provocative presentation, discussing indoor environmental quality in the larger context of building life cycle assessment (LCA). He started with an examination of the definitions of "sustainable design" and "healthy buildings." He presented a summary of data he developed on the overall environmental impacts of buildings. He went on to discuss appropriate targets for sustainability and looked at LCA as a method to evaluate building environmental performance. His concluding remarks evaluated the need to integrate indoor environmental quality and LCA of building materials. Presentation materials from the presentation are available, and these can be obtained from Jed Waldman (). Mr. Levin can be reached at .


1. American Lung Association of Los Angeles County (ALA-LAC) -- David Berger ()

2. California Air Resources Board / Indoor Air Quality & Personal Exposure Assessment Program -- Peggy Jenkins () 3. California Department of General Services -- Larry Bellani () 4. California Department of Health Service / Environmental Health Investigations Branch --- Sandra McNeel () 5. California Department of Health Service / Indoor Air Quality Section -- Jed Waldman () 6. California Department of Industrial Relations (Cal/OSHA) -- Les Michael        Editor's Note: Les is retiring in early -- thanks, Les, for all your help, and good luck.

7. California Energy Commission - - Obed Odoemelam ()

8. Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment / Indoor Air Risk Assessment Group -- Richard Lam () 9. U.S. EPA Region IX -- Barbara Spark ( 10. U.S. Department of Labor (OSHA) Region IX -- Jorge Leong () WORKING GROUP COMMITTEES

Indoor Environmental Quality of Schools - Jed Waldman ()

Building Design and Operations -- Leon Alevantis (


Ellen Aasletten / California Dept. of Education (CDE)
Leon Alevantis / Dept. of Health Services - Indoor Air Quality Section (DHS-IAQS)
Amy Arcus / Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)
David Berger / American Lung Association of Los Angeles County (ALA-LAC)
Rachel Broadwin / OEHHA
Peter Flessel / DHS - Environmental Health Laboratory Branch
Peggy Jenkins / California Air Resources Board (CARB)
Al Hodgson / Lawrence Berkeley National Lab - Indoor Environmental Program (LBNL-IEP)
Richard Lam / OEHHA
Jorge Leong / U.S. Dept. of Labor - OSHA
Hal Levin / Hal Levin & Associates
Lance Lister / Dept. of General Services - Building & Property Mgmt (DGS-BPM)
Janet Macher / DHS-IAQS
Philip Maynard / UCBerkeley - Environmental Health & Safety
Sandy McNeel / DHS - Environmental Health Investigations Branch (EHIB)
Obed Odoemelam / California Energy Commission (CEC)
Shelly Rosenblum - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA)
Jim Sanborn / Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR)
Rajinder Sandhu / Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA)
David Shearer / AeroVironment, Inc.
Norman Sorensen / Dept. Housing & Community Development - Housing Standards (DHCD) Barbara Spark / U.S. EPA Region IX
Jed Waldman / DHS-IAQS
Joey Zhou / DHS-IAQS

Jed Waldman chaired the meeting, which lasted from 10 am to noon.


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